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the preakness is ten miles away from me.

it is now clear that white sharks have intelligence. and definable ways to strategize.

im at work.
where i have been for the last two days.
i should set up a cot here in the hallway...or maybe camp out in the mat room usptairs.

i just kickboxed and the muscle groups are shaky.
and now, some guy is harassing me now about my food network.

i have one billion things to take to storage.
im going to need a rather large uhaul next year to get it out.
stupid art supplies.

moms bday is friday.
just saw an infomercial shed love and i think i might oder something for her.
i got her some sweet chutneys and spread from the farmers market.
im lost from there.

am outtie. to enjoy the cocoa that i stole last night from a bag in the lobby. its fair trade. organic. and TASTEY.

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