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because its time to start the countdown.

its saturday.

i have one and a half finals left.

yesterday, i did a P90X chest/arms/back workout with caroline and dan at the gym. ow. billions of pushups and mad weight lifting for 55 min. and then 15 min of hard core.

nicole and i went on a massive biking excursion last night to eat jamaican, get vegitable ice cream, and then got sucked into the hopkin's barnes and noble vortex. and it was fabulous. prefect, even.

i have nothing more, because my mind is in overdrive for the coming week...and those thereafter.
i think im going to work on the savannah riverboat. or maybes ill just veg out and teach swim lessons.

im outtie.
2200 envelopes. 150 left. wewt.


seven days. SEVEN. where did life go again?
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