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i dont have enough to get enough

there is a mysterious buzzing creature in my room.

its wednesday. no class. a lot of work.
but i talked to benjamin on the phone for a little while. *yay*

then, i had a meeting with my academic advisor, picked my bike up from its safe haven at the gym and then went to safeway and home.
i just enjoyed a turkey/apple/mozzarella wrap for lunch. ha.
also, picked up 'cranergy' imagine, ocean spray cranberry juice energy drink.
hello vodka!

somehow, i have run out of MICA money.
now ill have to scrounge quarters to do laundry. damn.

it is also dads birthday and i dont want to stress him at work but i KNOW im going to forget to call later.

im outtie.
counting the days until beachyness and bliss.

im tired of working.
am off to register for classss.
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