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yesterday, i wondered where you went..

it is sunday.

i have been AWAKE for FOUR HOURS.
i have run to the inner harbor. i have road raced. i have eaten my post-race banana, collected my post-race caribou coffee/full throttle/outback steakhouse samples. I have walked home. i am showered.
i need coffee.

i didn't really sleep last night.
i have to write a paper.
finish a project.
read half of a play.

i can't decide if the paintings that i am supposed to hang in an hour are finished...i think they are.
i hope they are.

i need to clean the apartment but ben is passed out on the futon...with his drawing laying askew next to him and a half empty glass of some mixture or another on the floor.

lime vodka, really?

i hope you are enjoying the fam/they are enjoying themselves and that races went well, etc.

we seriously need to figure out home plans.
either way ill buy tix to ithaca for the 11th.
and then we can figure it out from there.
i dont know if i can stay for graduation...it all depends on my employment and the people when i talk to them eventually.

you are 21 soon.
oh jesus.

im outtie.
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