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what do you do when the meteor is twenty miles from your rooftop?

she sits up.
she stretches.
everything groans in confusion and protest.

its rainy outside my window and i have a date with the gym.
and then i will wake up nicole and we will go grocery and brunch.

if i even make it through the first part.
the weather has been v nasty.
ive been feeling the laze.
and im coughing up gross stuff..i sound like [yet barely feel like] death.

talked to john last night. he was drunk with bob, jenn and big john.
he says whatever i decide travel wise is good for him.
i think im going to look at fly.

we'll see.

nicole and i had 'this is the rest of my life' discussions last night. it was decently enlightening.

i dont know, its all so very confusing.

and now, the gym.
au revs.
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