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wednesday night boredom ensues

the radio conversation between front desk, back desk, and manager:

daniel: summer and or johannah...can you come and unload the towels from the dryer?
summer: got it.
daniel: thanks. summer and or johannah...would you ever cheat on your significant other if they would never find out?
me: what is this?
daniel: a game show.
me: you know, you cannot use us to figure out your own life problems. but, no.
daniel: and summer?
summer:the answer to the question you asked while i was standing with an esteemed gym patron is no....unless it was with justin timberlake...then yes.
me: jtims? seriously?
daniel: ok, so your guilty pleasure johannah?
me: if i had to say, maybe will smith.
summer: i can respect that.
daniel: what...is it the arms?
summer: no...its all of it, baby.
daniel: ok. question number two. if your mother in-law wore black to your wedding, would you resent her?
daniel: ill take that as two 'nos'
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